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As TK decoration services, we have been adding elegance and grace to your places for more than 1 years. The inspiration and pleasure we receive from you is that we have made our work more rigorous, more efficient. We continue to serve both in Turkey and abroad with our professional staff and with the equipment we use. It is one of our most basic principles to be professional , meticulous and finish our work within the time we have given you.

About Us

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Gypsum Board Suspended Ceiling
Gypsum Board Suspended…
We carry out our gypsum board suspended ceiling  and Led spotlit light…
Stone wool suspended ceiling
Stone wool suspended…
Rock wool suspended ceiling plates are made from mineral wool using binders.…
Metal Suspending Ceiling
Metal Suspending Ceiling
How is a metal suspended ceiling made?   It is only done by our teams,…
Gypsum Partition Wall
Gypsum Partition Wall
the gypsum boards, metal construction with screws attached to the wall…
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